Exclusive display stake

The HIPCLIP™ is the world’s most advanced tag display stake! Developed in conjunction with several large US nurseries, the HIPCLIP™ addresses many performance limitations inherent with yesterday’s elevator stake options.

The HIPCLIP™ quickly attaches to virtually any plastic nursery container AND securely fastening a label to the HIPCLIP™ is a snap! Labels will not blow off… when we say secure, we mean secure. A result of the unique attachment method allows label producers to ship printed labels in shorter time frames — and at reduced costs!

The HIPCLIP™ complements our GREEN product line with our exclusive label substrate, MilkMade™. Both are produced with a blend of virgin and recycled plastics.

The HIPCLIP™ is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Comes in black color as standard. Ask us about Special ordering in green

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Watch the hipclip™ during tropical storm Andrea below: