Milk Made Logo

MilkMade™ is:

  • Recycled—Contains recycled Milk Jugs
  • Recyclable—Curbside Category 2
  • Low Cost—Breakthrough ‘Green’ pricing vs. Traditional Plastics
  • Tear-Proof—Extremely durable in Production, at Retail, and in the Garden
  • USA Made—From Start to Finish
  • Perfect for Stake and Hang Tags—Super Quality for fantastic color reproduction and unique die cut shapes.

Now Available

Exclusively available from hip, MilkMade™ raises the bar for eco-friendly tags. Developed with a ‘Green2’ (recycled & recyclable) approach, MilkMade™ promotes two primary characteristics of sustainable packaging including post consumer recycled milk jugs combined with its curbside recyclable Category 2 FTC designation. This MilkMade™ formula is a unique combination that alleviates cost concerns typically associated with eco-friendly plastics.


Be Green/Save Green

An excellent option for stake and hang tag formats, MilkMade™ is a high-performance white opaque substrate, meeting the demands of quality 4-color printing and die cutting. It is extremely durable, tear-proof and non-brittle through the growing and retailing cycles. For added value, the substrate is 100% made in the USA.